Connect your online business to all payment methods

Payments must be easy. There many steps behind a simple financial transaction.
But your consumer does not have to know that.


Charge in a simple way

On the web or in mobile apps, your business integrated to the main credit or debit card brands, bank slips or transfer.



More sales with Retry

Online Retry uses multiple acquirers to retry processing an unauthorized transaction at the time of purchase. Offline Retry enables a longer time interval to retry unauthorized transactions.

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Higher control on orders

Full control of your charge, cart items, and order data. Furthermore, you can store shopping cart in the cloud, saving information even if your customer logs from another computer.


Offer multi methods payment

Your customers can complete the purchase using more than one card or combining with a bank slip. When using multi methods of payment, you reduce problems with the credit limit.


Sale to Multiple Buyers

Higher facility for shared purchase. Your customers can share a payment among several buyers. Purchases in group or family are now available.


Oneclick buy

Best shop experience. You can store the customers’ cards in our servers safely, and they will not need to fill all data every time they purchase again.


Email notification

Set up alerts and emails for your customers informing the order status, transaction approval or send the bank slip in pdf.



Get rid of the card reader for non-presence sales. Your customer transmits the data to the seller, who makes the transaction directly in the portal. And better, there is no need for integration.

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